First Aid for Motorcyclists

The First Aid for Motorcyclists is designed for all motorcyclists, this course will help you deal and successfully manage with all medical and trauma emergencies involving motorcycle accidents. This training course is taught by current State Registered Paramedics, Specialist Trauma Doctors and HEMS aircrew Paramedics who have the knowledge, skills and experience to bring reality into the classroom to enhance your learning experience.


  • Crash Helmet Removal
  • Head Injury
  • Shock
  • Basic Life Support
  • Unconscious Causality
  • Primary Survey & Haemorrhage Control
    Airway Management
  • Communicating with Emergency Services
  • Medical Emergencies Fractures
    and Spinal Immobilisation



Telephone (optional)


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Continuous assessment by Instructor and a Medisport certificate, valid for three years, is issued on successful completion of the course.


There are no pre course requirements for this course.


At our training site in Middlesbrough and Bradford (open course) or at your work site across the UK (minimum numbers apply).


One day

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